Civilization: Beyond Earth Embraces Rich, Alien Seas With ‘Rising Tide’ Expansion

Seven months after the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth, the game's first expansion pack has been announced. Called Rising Tide, this expansion pack revolves around water, water, and more water. Players will be able to colonize and explore vast oceans, while encountering new leaders and aliens, and producing unique units.

Civilization Beyond Earth 01

Civilization Beyond Earth 02

Rising Tide will introduce an overhauled diplomacy system, adding even more complexity to your relationships, and also adds four new factions. One of these factions is called Al Falah, a group of nomad explorers who've descended from wealthy Middle Eastern states. Affinities have also been given an upgrade, now allowing you to unlock hybrid units and upgrades, and similarly, also new is an artifact system, which allows you to collect and combine relics to unlock bonuses. Rounding things out are two new biomes, one of which is situated in a heavily volcanic "still forming" world.

Like most recent Civilization expansion packs, Rising Tide is priced at $29.99, and is set to be released this fall - likely near the game's first birthday.