P4-M 770 & Asus Adapter, Seagate Barracuda 400GB, DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D

Hey there folks, time for your Thursday morning news post.  In case you missed it, Marco posted an extensive nForce 4 SLI motherboard Round-Up.  This is a big one that's real interesting with an excellent showing from DFI.  We also have the latest hardware headlines for you this AM including Intel's P4-M 770, a 400GB Seagate Barracuda and more.  Let's get started!

MonsterGecko Joins Forces With GoGamer.com, Popular PistolMouse FPS Gaming Mouse Now Available From GoGamer.com

The PistolMouse FPS complements GoGamer.com's offerings with its wide selection of First-Person Shooter games

PALO ALTO and LAKE FOREST, CA – March 30, 2005 – MonsterGecko, LLC (www.monstergecko.com), designer and manufacturer of high-quality performance gaming accessories for PC and console game systems, today announced that its popular PistolMouse™ FPS gaming mouse is now available from GoGamer.com, the premiere online gaming retailer specializing in PC games and the original creator of the 48 Hour Madness™ specials. For a limited time, customers can purchase the PistolMouse FPS at GoGamer.com for a special price of $29.90 – a 48 Hour Madness deal. Regular price is $39.99

"Joining forces with GoGamer.com further expands our distribution and continues our effort to introduce the PistolMouse to new customers," says Ain McKendrick, co-founder and CEO of MonsterGecko. "Gamers continue to recognize the benefits and unique advantages offered by the PistolMouse FPS, which is evident with the strong sales we are seeing for the PistolMouse FPS.

Ammar Adra, president of GoGamer.com adds, "Since we have such a large selection of first-person shooter games and a strong customer base of PC gamers, deciding to offer the PistolMouse FPS was a perfect fit, and initial sales of the PistolMouse FPS are proving its popularity.

The PistolMouse FPS is a high-performance three-button mouse for first-person shooter (FPS) games that provides gamers with a more immersive experience combined with faster reaction speed and precision optical tracking. It has realistic pistol styling, dual aluminum triggers, an over-sized selectable scroll wheel, ergonomic hand position, and a high-resolution 800 dpi optical sensor. The unique patent-pending design of the PistolMouse FPS incorporates an offset optical sensor for quick response with simple wrist action, and includes a primary and secondary grip trigger, plus an ambidextrous selectable thumb scroll wheel for both right and left-handed players.

The PistolMouse FPS is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems with a USB port and is now available for $29.90 for a limited time from GoGamer.com (
www.gogamer.com). The PistolMouse has a regular MSRP of $39.99

Intel Pentium-M 770 and the Asus CT-479 Pentium-M Adapter at the GamePC Labs:

"We've taken a look at the performance of this chip in a standard Intel 855 desktop Pentium-M motherboard along with an Intel 865 motherboard thanks to the use of the new Asus CT-479 adapter card. With the adapter card, one can make use of dual channel DDR and AGP 8x connectivity, which standard Pentium-M platforms don't have. We compare the Pentium-M configurations to the best Pentium 4 and Athlon64 platforms on the market, the results are certainly surprising."

Seagate's Barracuda 7200.8 hard drive @ The Tech Report:

"Seagate's Barracuda 7200.8 is the latest hard drive to offer 400GB of storage, but the drive offers more than just a capacity boost. By packing more data per platter than Seagate's previous Barracuda 7200.7, the 7200.8 also promises superior performance to its predecessor. Does it deliver? To find out we've run the 7200.8 through a punishing gauntlet of benchmarks and real world performance tests against competition from Maxtor and Western Digital."

Syntax Olevia LT30HV Review @ Designtechnica:

"Syntax's Entertainment line introduces the 30" digital wide screen LCD TV. Displaying WXGA resolution (16:9 wide-screen format) with a 750:1 contrast ratio and 170 degree wide viewing angles, the Syntax TV is equipped with all the bells and whistles."

DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D Motherboard @ Hardcoreware.net:

"DFI has gained a reputation for offering killer overclocker boards that look better than any other. This time with the NF4 Ultra-D, they are also adding some innovative features like Dual PCI-E video card support, and MemTest86 in the BIOS. That's just the tip of the iceberg though..."

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