Oxygen OS 13.1 Update Adds These Gaming And Health Features To OnePlus Devices

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Making good on its promise, OnePlus has pushed another OxygenOS update—this time being an incremental one to version 13.1 that adds gaming and relaxation improvements, as well as auto-connect to any nearby OnePlus devices with the same account.

OnePlus is working hard to gain customer trust and market share—one of those areas being consistent firmware/software updates. In a staged rollout, OnePlus is releasing its OxygenOS 13.1 operating system (NE2211_11.C.52 build) over the coming weeks. According to the company's community announcement, 13.1 is already pre-installed on the latest Nord CE 3 Lite 5G phone, while the OnePlus 10 Pro will be among the first to receive the rollout, then eventually moving on up to the OnePlus 11 flagship. 


Some of the highlights of 13.1 include a new Auto-Connect feature that automatically allows any nearby OnePlus devices to pair together, seamlessly handing off tasks between each other. This could go a long way with adding more multitasking abilities to the OnePlus Pad, for example. The handy Gaming Assistant gains "Championship" mode and the ability to play music in the background while you game. (Interestingly, our OnePlus 11 hasn't had the 13.1 update yet, but Championship mode is available, so that would mean a server-side change?)

Here's the OxygenOS 13.1 changelog (note that any changes/features/functions may differ according to devices):

  • Expands Omoji’s functionality and library.
  • Adds a new TalkBack feature that recognizes and announces images in apps and Photos.
  • Adds the new Zen Space app, with two modes, Deep Zen and Light Zen, to help you focus on the present.
  • Improves Simple mode with a new helper widget and quick tutorials on the home screen.
Gaming Experience
  • Adds the Championship mode to Game Assistant. This mode improves performance while also disabling notifications, calls, and other messages to give you a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Adds a music playback control to Game Assistant, so you can listen to and control music easily while gaming.
Seamless Interconnection
  • New auto-connect feature enables automatic connection between phones, tablets, and PCs placed in close proximity.
  • New continuity feature allows you to continue tasks started on one device (phone, tablet, or PC) on another device. It also supports seamless switching of audio between phones and tablets when using wireless earphones.
As we mentioned, 13.1 is slowly being rolled out. Devices such as the OnePlus 8 on down won't be included in the update.