Chinese Bidder Scores Lucky Iron Man Limited Edition Galaxy S6 Edge For $91,000

An anonymous bidder laid out a cool $91K and change in an online auction to put an extra-special Iron Man Limited Edition Galaxy S6 Edge in their pocket, agreeing to pay 100 times the retail price for the device due to its 66 serial number (in China six is considered a lucky number, and thus 66 is doubly so).


Yes, you read that right, and no, it is not the 1st of April, not in the U.S., China, or anywhere else today on our spinning blue rock. 

The auction for the devilishly cool Iron Man Limited Edition Galaxy S666 Edge comes just two weeks after another one of the Edge-y Tony Stark devices sold on 
eBay for the comparatively low price of $35,600. Specifically, the winning bid was 568,788 yuan — which translates today to $91,683 — and was the result of a frenzy that totaled 92,429 bids. 

reported earlier here on HotHardware, the Iron Man Limited Edition Galaxy S6 Edge features specs just like any other Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, save for its unique coloring and theme. The packaging for the device is quite unique, though, and offers a trés cool unboxing experience, as well as a wireless charger fashioned to resemble our hero's ARC reactor technology. 

Despite its predicted popularity, the Stark, Samsung's red-and-gold traffic stopper has only been released in South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. And barring a change of shrapnel-threatened heart on the part of Samsung, that isn't expected to change any time in the foreseeable future. Considering, though, that some 16 million of the devices are supposedly being produced (this according to an august and highly trustworthy source, even if that number simply cannot be correct), collectors, armor fetishists, and lovers of Marvel-emblazoned gadgetry with the will and about $1,100 to spare should have no trouble scoring their own super hero pocket-occupying protectors.