Put On The Suit! Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man Limited Edition Blasts Off

It's official, gold is no longer best. We can't in good conscious continue proclaiming such nonsense after seeing Samsung's limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge in Iron Man trim. From here on out, we must concede that gold and red is the new best color combination, a conclusion we're sure Tony Stark and Avengers fans around the world would all agree with.

Speaking of which, Samsung and Marvel have been working closely together for some time now, so it's not shocking to see the South Korean handset maker deck out its popular Galaxy S6 Edge after Iron Man. And we have to admit, Samsung chose the right superhero, as the color scheme simply works. If you don't believe it, take a look for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man

Cool points are off the scale on this one (provided you're an Iron Man fan), but in addition to a sweet looking handset, the special edition phone comes with a matching wireless charger, clear plastic cover to protect the phone's backside, and a neat Iron Man themed box.

Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Edge Iron Man Box

"We are excited to be able to offer our world-class Galaxy S6 edge smartphone designed especially for Iron Man fans through our continued collaboration with Marvel," said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics. "The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge embodies the power of the iconic Avenger with a dual-curved edge design and advanced features that will provide Marvel fans with the ultimate entertainment experience."

Ready for the gut punch? If you live the in the U.S., you can't buy it, not first-hand anyway. Samsung says the limited edition handset will launch in Korea tomorrow, followed by debuts in China and Hong Kong in June. Ultron would be proud of Samsung's cruelty.