OCZ Touts Availability of Hypersonic Notebooks

OCZ Technology Group Announces Availability of Premium Hypersonic Gaming Notebooks for the Global Consumer Electronics Retail Channel

Sunnyvale, CA—December 6, 2007—OCZ Technology Group a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, PC components, and system builds, is pleased to announce that gamers and enthusiasts will now have access to purchase pre-built Hypersonic notebooks from a wide spectrum of online and retail outlets. High-performance laptop seekers will be afforded greater and quicker access to laptops that fit their performance expectations, while more selective users can still customize the ultimate gaming notebook through the online Hypersonic boutique store. With these new retail-ready laptops, Hypersonic intends to increase availability of its unique product offering, while maintaining the integrity and performance of its widely-popular gaming notebooks.

“Hypersonic has long been known for delivering premium gaming mobile products, and while we remain committed to unique customized solutions in our boutique business we are also excited to introduce new retail performance notebooks for gamers looking for quality gaming on the go,” commented Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group. “These new Hypersonic solutions deliver an unprecedented balance of performance and solid value to gamers looking for a truly immersive gaming experience on a retail ready laptop.”

As a major player in the enthusiast and gaming community, Hypersonic is committed to their customers and making cutting-edge mobile technology available to a wider range of high-end consumers. With a long history of personal craftsmanship and boutique system building, Hypersonic will continue to be, above all, a premium solution, offering advanced features, performance, and design over conventional commercial notebooks on the market. By offering a selection of pre-built laptops through leading resellers, gamers from all walks of life can select the perfect desktop replacement system or portable gaming notebook to fit their unique interests and their budgets.