NVIDIA's Counter-Strike 2 Reflex Announcement Contains A GeForce RTX 4070 Surprise

hero counterstrike 2
NVIDIA has confirmed that its eSports gamer boosting Reflex technology is on the way to Counter-Strike 2. However, the graphics firm’s boasts about Reflex enhancements have gotten a little ahead of its product launch schedule, providing the first official acknowledgement that a GeForce RTX 4070 desktop graphics card is on the way.

Valve has been working closely with NVIDIA to add Reflex technology to Counter-Strike 2. It is NVIDIA’s proprietary latency reducing technology, and as latency can be an eSports gamer’s biggest foe in fast-paced titles, it is a great match for Counter-Strike 2. In brief, Reflex has the effect of reducing the undesirable phenomena of delay between user input (e.g. mouse click) and on-screen action (e.g. gun shot).

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Now the team of gaming industry titans is positioning Counter-Strike 2 with Reflex as the replacement for the wildly popular CS:GO (one of the few popular eSports titles without Reflex). Official information about the Reflex integration in Counter-Strike 2 reveals that graphics cards from NVIDIA’s GTX 900 series (Maxwell architecture) and newer will be able to make use of the technology. Moreover, it will provide the biggest benefits to the older generation GPUs.

nvidia reflex boost in counter strike 2

In an official NVIDIA slide published by The Verge, you can see the impact of Reflex on Counter-Strike 2 latency across several GeForce generations. We previously mentioned that the tech was of greatest benefit to users of older GPU architectures (NVIDIA exclusive, unfortunately) and the chart shows a great boost to the GTX 1060, a significant benefit for the RTX 3060, and a still worthwhile benefit for the RTX 4070 (and gamers with cat-like reflexes).

The most recent information we have is that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 will deliver RTX 3080-like performance at $599, and approx 200W. If you want an Ada Lovelace graphics card with 12GB of VRAM or more, it will also be the best budget choice. With the RTX 40 generation, lower-tier cards are going to have to suffer with 8GB or less.

It is still nearly a week until we expect the RTX 4070 to be made official by NVIDIA and its partners.