NVIDIA Launching New Hardware For Crysis Release

Rumor and speculation is always fun to play around with.  We've seen plenty of rumors come and go in the graphics arena, many of them almost completely inaccurate and unfounded.  However, when an Senior VP speaks about something in public, sort of like EF Hutton, folks key in a bit.  So is this rumor or a strategic leak?  Probably the latter...

"Nvidia’s senior vice president Dan Vivoli let slip that Nvidia intended to “launch new hardware to coincide with Crysis’ launch.” Vivoli didn’t elaborate, but the rumor mill has been predicting that Nvidia would ship a new top-end GPU right before the holiday shopping season, just as they did with the GeForce 8800 last year.

Nvidia has been working closely with Crytek throughout the life of this project, according to Vivoli, who told the press that Crysis is “the most advanced game ever developed."

Since we know Dan the Man isn't the type to mix words and dabble in rumors, we'd offer it's pretty safe to say things will be heating up in graphics, just in time for the gift-giving season.  A little Crysis, a few new GPUs; just what all the good girls and boys want.