NVIDIA Late To The WHQL Certified Drivers Game

Its a pretty safe bet to say almost everyone knows Windows Vista is out, so then what is NVIDIA's excuse? NVIDIA, a graphics processing giant, has yet to release WHQL certified drivers for its GeForce 8 series of cards. I find this somewhat ironic since the GeForce 8 series was marketed heavily on the fact that it was the only GPU available that offered Direct-X 10 support.

Windows Vista was not sprung on an unsuspecting NVIDIA last weekend. NVIDIA has known for a great while that WHQL Vista driver support is expected of them. They also know damn well that their enthusiast customer base will not find their current feeble attempts acceptable and that their self-stated "world-class support" is worth very little right now in terms of Windows Vista.

While NVIDIA may be late to get official drivers out, they do have beta drivers up for both the 32-Bit Windows Vista and 64-Bit Windows Vista versions of the new OS.

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