NVIDIA GTC 2023 Unveils Ada RTX 4000 SFF And Pro Laptop GPUs

708 px rtx pro laptop
NVIDIA has announced a new set of professional Ada Lovelace RTX GPUs that are geared towards laptops and small form factor workstations. These new GPUs are more advanced versions of their GeForce counterparts, targeted at professionals, data scientists, and engineers who need high-performance GPUs for processing through large, data-intensive workflows. The mobile lineup will come in an entirely new lineup of its own, while the small form factor SKU will consist of a single mid-range model.

Ada Lovelace RTX Mobile

The RTX laptop GPUs are comprised of five different models, ranging from RTX 2000 to RTX 5000 models aimed to fill out the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end GPU segments. All five professional chips differ from their GeForce RTX 40 series counterparts in that they have workstation-level features including ECC support, larger memory capacities, and exclusive NVIDIA features not available on GeForce GPUs such as NVIDIA RTX enterprise drivers.

rtx workstation 2000 5000 mobile gpus
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Starting at the bottom, the RTX 2000 features 2560 CUDA cores, 20 RT cores, and 80 Tensor cores, a TGP rating of up to 95W, and a memory capacity of 6GB featuring 168 GB/s of bandwidth. The RTX 3000 is one step above, featuring 3072 CUDA cores, 24 RT cores, 96 Tensor cores, up to a 140W TGP, and 8GB of memory featuring 256 GB/s of bandwidth.

The RTX 3500 is stacked right in the middle of the entire lineup, featuring 5120 CUDA cores, 40 RT cores, and 160 Tensor cores, operating with up to a 140W TGP and 12GB of memory featuring 432GB/s of bandwidth. The RTX 4000 features 7424 CUDA cores, 58 RT cores, 232 Tensor Cores, a TGP rating of up to 175W, and a memory capacity of 12GB featuring 432GB/s of bandwidth.

The RTX 5000 mobile is the flagship of the lineup, with 9728 CUDA cores, 76 RT cores and 304 Tensor cores, a maximum TGP rating of 175W, and 16GB of memory with 576GB/s of throughput. NVIDIA did not mention GPU clock speeds, but we suspect it will leave this up to laptop manufacturers to decide, allowing for variations in thermal solutions.

Ada Lovelace SFF Desktop

The RTX 4000 SFF is NVIDIA’s latest small form factor segment entry. It aims to bring mid-range RTX 40 series performance on a half-height PCIe card that will fit into some of the most compact computer chassis on the market. The GPU features 6144 CUDA cores, 192 Tensor cores, and 48 RT cores, paired to 20GB of ECC memory in a total power envelope of just 70W. It will feature a dual-slot blower-style cooling solution, with a card height and length measuring 2.7” x 6.6”. The card will also come with low-profile and standard PCIe brackets for compatibility with full-height and half-height computer chassis.

Starting this month, workstations equipped with the new RTX 4000 SFF will be available from OEMs such as BOXX, HP, and Lenovo. The RTX 2000 - 5000 mobile GPUs will launch sometime in April and will be available in notebooks from NVIDIA’s partners, such as Leadtek, PNY, and Ryoyo Electro. Notebook pricing will start at $1,250.