New Release from Asetek, 6600GT, X600 XT and Two PSUs

Asetek has big news this morning with a release of their newest VapoChill unit.  The XE II sports a new case design with, USB ChillControl unit and support for Socket T.  There are also a couple of mid-range video card reviews worth checking out as well as a PSU shootout.

NEW VapoChill Extreme Edition II 115V released
including Socket T kits also for all existing VapoChill models

"asetek has not rested on it's laurels since the launch of the VapoChill LightSpeed(tm) on the contrary asetek has once again proven with the release of the NEW VapoChill XE II 115V AC cooling system that there is no other company that continues to put further investments in research and development to optimize their products to the optimal.

The NEW VapoChill Extreme Edition II 115V has the best core features from the VapoChill LightSpeed(tm) edition and as an extra ace - the designer case. Based on an 115V compressor the need for a powerful Power Supply Unit is gone and the NEW USB ChillControl(tm) with Windows based software ensures 100 % motherboard compatibility.

Besides the release of the NEW VapoChill XE II the long waited release for Socket LGA 775 (Socket T) kits for all existing VapoChill models has been released."

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XFX GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP Review @

"Has a succesor to the Midrange crown, left vacated since the Geforce 4 Ti4200, finally been found? Read More to see."

Antec TrueBlue 480W vs. NeoTEC V4200 420W @

"Many people would spend thousands of PLN on their new PC. Unfortunately they do not realize how imporant the feeder is. Poor quality feeder can cause damage of sometimes very expensive subassemblies and in the worst case of the whole PC. We often chose the case by colour or by the looks and we do not care about the feeder that comes with it. Fortunately chosing a feeder is becoming an issue lately. This test will show if it is reasonable to spend couple of hundreds PLN on a feeder or if an average, cheap model will secure a stabile work for us."

HIS X600 XT VIVO Edition @ Legit Reviews:

"With the release of numerous new Gaming titles like Doom III and Half-Life 2, we return to our video card stock pile, find the HIS X600 XT and decide to take it through our gauntlet of benchmarks. With a challenge from ASUS' AGP 9600XT, the HIS PCI-E card shows what it could do in your new system!"

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