New MP3 Eating Malware In The Wild

Two years ago the Nopir-B worm was out "in the wild" and deleting MP3s on infected machines, and now it’s W32.Deletemusic’s turn to try doing the same:
“The worm spreads via removable flash drives, reminiscent of the way viruses spread via floppy disks decades ago. That may be an attempt by the authors of the worm to bypass e-mail filters and Web gateway filters that block malicious software, Cluley said.

Symantec Corp., which calls the worm W32.Deletemusic, said in an advisory that the worm copies itself to all drives on a PC. It also creates an autorun file to start itself whenever a user accesses a drive.”
While it’s unknown just who made the new virus at this point, Graham Cluley of Sophos figures it is probably the work of a few techno-hooligans and not from some source in the recording industry.
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