Mushkin Memory, Logitech MX700, Noisekiller Kit Article and Other Goodness

Good morning friends, I hope you survived the night :)  Myself, I kicked back for a little while and watch Scary Movie 3.  I found the last two movies of the series mildly funny; however, I won't be recommending this one to anyone.  If you haven't seen it, and are set on renting it, the pre-title sequence is the best part... ;)

Mushkin Enhanced 1 GB PC4000 DDR Memory @ Systemcooling

"Today we are going to look at some RAM from some people who have been providing memory to the enthusiast crowd for quite some time, Mushkin. When given the opportunity to look at their latest offering, a Dual Pack of PC4000 DDR, it took all of about 3 seconds to say you bet! I was familiar with the reputation Mushkin has, but had never experienced any of their RAM first hand. Well, sitting in front of me are two shiny silver sticks just begging for some abuse, so let's go!"

Logitech MX700 Wireless Optical Mouse @ CoolTechZone

"There are plethora of computer mice in the market. Which one should you purchase? This is a difficult question to answer. Choosing a computer mice depends on your likings and your needs. A gamer would try to get top of the line mouse to improve their gaming while someone who only checks his/her email may not want the best mouse in the market. Then comes the size factor and the features you are looking for. There are mice with eight programmable buttons and there are mice with two buttons. Someone with small hands wouldn't want to buy the biggest mouse and someone with small hands wouldn't want to buy the smallest mouse. It's all about preferences." Product Review: PC Noisekiller kits? Do they work..

"So you got a little too much noise coming from that PC?  Perhaps you have seen these little kits that say they can quiet your PC with ease...  Well, HTPCnews gave one a run for it's money and is ready to report their findings to you."

Mushkin 512MB PC4000 Dual Pack @ Extreme Overclocking

"In the quest for more bandwidth, memory manufacturers have been producing RAM rated at PC4000 and higher, which translates to speeds in excess of 500MHz DDR! Today we are taking a look at the Mushkin 512MB PC4000 Dual Pack (2x256) that is designed for use on a 250MHz (500MHz DDR) overclocked memory bus."

Soyo P4I8875P Dragon 2 v1.0 Black Label Review @ 3D Extreme

"Today we have the great pleasure of reviewing Soyo's latest Pentium 4 motherboard offering, the P4I875P Dragon 2 v1.0 Black Label. This board is based on the very successful and powerful Intel Canterwood (875P) chipset and comes with many extras. Soyo is especially known for their Intel based motherboards let's see how well this motherboard performs."

That is it for the moment my friends, I will catch you back here later :) - Cheers