MSI Reveals Support For 192GB Of DDR5 RAM In These Motherboards And Chrome Users Rejoice

MSI offers 192GB support on LGA1700 motherbaords hero
MSI has announced that its MEG, MPG, MAG, and PRO Series Intel motherboards with DDR5 slots can support 24GB and 48GB memory modules. No BIOS updates are necessary for this expanded memory support, says MSI. It will enable systems with up to 96GB of system RAM (2-slots), or 192GB (4-slot motherboards). This should provide enough working memory capacity for you to treat yourself to another Chrome tab.

Memory makers introduced these non-binary memory modules last month. Micron, whose memory ICs are used by a number of brands, said the new 24GB and 48GB DIMMs would be usable on Intel XMP and AMD Expo platforms. However, MSI’s press release omitted any mention of AMD motherboard compatibility today.

MSI Z690 Carbon motherbaord with ADL and 192GB RAM

MSI has shared some screenshots of two different systems configured with the new DDR5 modules, boosting their max RAM support from 128GB to 192GB. The first screenshot shows a PC system packing an Intel Core i9-12900KF and an MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi motherboard loaded with four Corsair branded DDR5-5600 memory modules.

MSI Z790 Carbon motherbaord with RPL and 192GB RAM

The Raptor Lake system example provided by MSI sports an Intel Core i9-13900K, strapped to an MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Wi-Fi motherboard, again with 192GB of RAM courtesy of a quartet of Corsair DDR5-5600 memory modules.

MSI suggests that PC enthusiasts might be interested in the extra RAM capacity provided here “to enjoy a more efficient system with more productivity, especially for those multitasking gamers and users.” Those with more demanding tasks requiring even more RAM – and stronger processing – will probably be better steered towards higher-end workstation systems featuring processors from the Intel Xeon, or AMD Threadripper and Epyc families.

We haven’t as yet seen any 24GB or 48GB DDR5 modules in retail, so we can’t comment on pricing. In the wake of this announcement, though, we are surely due related press releases and product launches from the usual suspects – Corsair, G.Skill, HyperX etc.