‘Most Impressive!’ Sony Uses The Force To Deliver Limited Edition Darth Vader-Themed PlayStation 4

Sony sees your Xbox One Halo 5 Guardians Pink Mist Limited Collectors Edition and Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition console bundles and raises you the Star Wars Limited Edition PlayStation 4. And who’s gracing the side of Sony’s best-selling console? None other than the one of the most badass villains in cinema: Darth Vader. Check and mate.

The new limited edition console bundles are no doubt building upon the hype being generated for the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens — a movie which will likely go on to be make a bajillion dollars and break box office records around the world.

Star Wars Limited Edition PlayStation 4

In addition to the the etching of Darth Vader on the side the console, the wireless DualShock 4 controller has received a makeover in the style of Star Wars with uniquely colored buttons. There will actually be two different bundles available for Star Wars fans to choose from. The first bundle includes the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Battlefront (no surprise there) and a voucher to download four classic Star Wars game titles (Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, Racer Revenge, and Super Star Wars).

The second bundle will include Disney Infinity 3.0 along with some kid-friendly Star Wars figurines (including a kickass Boba Fett). This edition will also come with a voucher to digitally download the aforementioned classic Star Wars titles.

According to Sony, both bundles will be available on November 17th, but pricing unfortunately isn’t available at this time.  If you haven’t already bought a PS4 and just so happen to be a Star Wars fan, November just might be the time to hop aboard the Sony train.