More Vista Stability, Reliability Updates by MS

In early August Microsoft released a pair of performance and compatibility updates. Now they’ve released four (yes, four) more updates as we await Windows Vista SP1.

The first, KB941649, addresses “the compatibility, reliability, and stability of Windows Vista.” This type of vague description always makes me feel warm and fuzzy about an OS’s reliability. You can read the full description at the link, but the words “stability” and “reliability” are used a lot. Two interesting fixes are improved stability of wireless network services and shortened startup time.

There are three other updates, including a rollup of prior USB fixes.  However, startup time, one of the most hyped "improvements" in Vista has been anything but, so that fix alone peaks our interest.  However, it is timesome to see Microsoft continue to release "reliability" updates.  It gives me the sense that Microsoft OSes are not reliable (no!).