Microsoft To Bundle Xbox One With Xbox Live, Game Pass For One Monthly Subscription Fee

Microsoft has gone all-in when it comes to the subscription model. It has found success with Office 365 and is even looking to recurring revenue for certain versions of its Windows operating systems. On the gaming front, it has Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass to keep the money flowing in from customers.
Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle 1

But what about hardware? Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox bundle called Xbox All Access. For a monthly subscription fee, you will be able to get a brand-new Xbox One S console, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for roughly $22 per month. You will pay this monthly fee for two years, after which you will be able to keep the gaming console (as you would have paid the full retail price for the hardware by that point).

For those that want to go with the top-dog Xbox One X, the monthly cost will rise to $35 per month for that same two-year period.

If you’re a gamer that wants a lower upfront cost and doesn’t mind shelling out $22 to $35 on a monthly basis, this could be a viable option. If you were to pay retail price for the console and Xbox Live upfront, Xbox All Access could end up costing you slightly less over the two-year timeframe.

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However, we are always looking for a good deal around here, so it's easy to find bundle discounts on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X along with discounted Xbox Live cards (for a year's subscription) from Amazon and Best Buy. You could end up saving quite a bit of coin in the long run versus Xbox All Access, but you'll have to pay for everything upfront.

According to the report, Xbox All Access will launch in the United States exclusively in the coming weeks and will be available directly from the Microsoft Store. There is no word on if the subscription service will be offered via Microsoft's retail partners.