Microsoft Is Bringing An Internet Explorer Mode To Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft recently announced a number of interesting features for its upcoming Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. The features are primarily aimed at helping businesses and enhancing privacy. Microsoft’s new version of Edge includes a new “IE Mode”, Collections, and web tracker blocking.

Microsoft has specifically designed several things for businesses. Businesses are notorious for their slow adoption of new technology. Microsoft wanted to make the transition to Edge as seamless as possible. Their new “IE Mode” will allow businesses to load old sites directly into the new web browser. The mode will utilize Internet Explorer’s rendering engine and load the old content directly into Edge.

chromium edge ie mode
Chromium Edge IE Mode

Businesses will also be able to customize their own “New Tab” pages. The page will include custom logos, Microsoft Search and Office 365 integration, and the ability to add select sites to the top tabs. Joe Belifore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President in the Experiences and Devices division, also remarked that “We’ve got a browser for you that updates regularly that will go on Windows 7 and the Mac that handles things like IT customization of the New Tab page and Microsoft Search, and IE built-in.”

Microsoft is also particularly concerned about privacy and has added a new web tracker blocking feature. All users will be able to choose from three levels of privacy -- unrestricted, balanced, and strict. Users who choose “unrestricted” mode can be tracked by most websites and will receive personalized ads. If a user enables “balanced” mode, the default mode, they will block trackers from sites that they have not visited. Users will generally see fewer ads. If the user selects “strict” mode, they will block all web trackers. It is important to note that while all three modes block potentially harmful trackers, they do not stop the complete flow of advertisements.

chromium edge web tracker privacy

All users will also be able to benefit from the new Collections feature. Users will be able to save text, pictures, and other information in a “note”. The text and pictures are linked to the original website. Users will then send the information via email or export it to Word or Excel. The Collections will also feature citations that can be used by instructors, students, and researchers.

It is currently unclear when all of these interesting features will actually be available. Microsoft recently opened up its official Microsoft Edge Insider Channel to those who would like to test the browser. The new browser has already received a significant patch that is intended to fix certain privacy and performance issues. Chromium Edge does not have a release date, but many hope it will be available by the end of the year. You can grab the latest developer release of Microsoft Edge here.