Microsoft Teases Project Scorpio For Its June 11th E3 2017 Media Briefing

Listen up, gaming fans! Microsoft has announced the start time for its E3 media briefing, and it breaks from recent tradition. Microsoft usually holds its event on Monday morning during E3, however, this year the company has moved the event up to Sunday, June 11th at 5PM EST.

This gives Microsoft a little bit more breathing room to distance itself from Sony, which usually holds its event on Monday evening. Microsoft’s schedule shakeup isn’t the only major change going on at E3 this year. It was announced last week that 2017 marks the first time that the public will be able to mingle on the show floor with the gaming press. The price of entry for dedicated “regular” gamers will be $249 (the $149 “Early Bird” tickets are long gone).

Microsoft isn’t really divulging much of what will be on the agenda for its keynote, but it does clue us in to the one HUGE headliner: Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio is the follow-up to the original Xbox One and the current Xbox One S. It will be the most powerful “current generation” console, taking the performance crown away from the beastly PlayStation 4 Pro.

Project Scorpio is said to offer 6 teraflops of compute performance compared to just 1.32 teraflops for the Xbox One and 1.84 teraflops for the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 Pro has peak performance of 4.2 teraflops.

Not much else is known about Project Scorpio at this time, but all cards should be on the table in early June. The console is expected to be widely available just in time for the Christmas shopping rush.