E3 Welcomes The Public For First Time Ever Offering 150,000 Tickets For Sale

e3 conusmer
Color us surprised. In a break from long tradition, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today that this year will the mark the first time ever that E3 will open its doors to the public. While it’s true that ESA made a separate spin-off show called E3 Live geared towards consumers last year (complete with free admission), E3 remained an industry-only affair.

Starting Monday, February 13th, ESA will make 15,000 tickets available for sale to the public. The first 1,000 “Early Birds” will be able to purchase a ticket for $149. The remaining 14,000 will have to fork over $249 to gain admission to the show.

e3 crowd

Rich Taylor, ESA Senior VP of Communications, said that the reception to E3 Live was extremely positive with “incredibly attendee enthusiasm”, so opening E3 up to the public was the next logical step (and a good one financially we might add).

"The feedback we heard was clear--they wanted to play the games inside the convention center,’ said Taylor. “In addition, exhibitors inside the convention center wanted to have access to the fans. So, this year we're bringing the two together.

"It's a changing industry, and E3 has always evolved to meet industry needs and anticipate where we’re heading together - as an event, as an industry, and as fans.”

There’s no question that the ESA had to do something to allow E3 to remain relevant in today’s gaming space. Activision and Electronic Arts both declined to have a presence at last year’s show, and we’ve seen more public-centric shows like Gamescom and PAX rise in prominence in recent years. “Adapt or Die.”

E3 will run from June 13th through June 15th and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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