Microsoft Reportedly Developing Three Surface All-in-Ones With Optional 4K Displays

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Back in early July we first began hearing rumors that Microsoft was making plans to add an all-in-one (AIO) PC to its Surface family. Microsoft has given us multiple generations of Surface and Surface Pro tablets along with the innovative Surface Book, so an AIO would be a welcome addition.

Today, Windows Central is shedding a little bit more light on the rumored AIO along with the news that three different screen sizes are being tested by the folks in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft reportedly is working on a 21-inch Full HD version along with 24- and 27-inch models with 4K displays. All three AIOs are described as being "elegant" pieces of hardware that would look right at home in your living room.

There are no other details to speak of with regards to the AIOs (although we’ve previously heard that the PCs might include 14nm Kaby Lake processors), and it is unknown if Microsoft plans to market the PCs to regular consumers or mainly to business customers (like the Surface Hub). We, however, hope that Microsoft will at least market the 24-inch and 27-inch 4K models to the public as they would make nice alternatives to Apple’s popular iMac family.

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There’s also news of a revamped Surface Book that is headed our way. One of the rather peculiar design features of the original Surface Book is its snake-like fulcrum hinge. However, in the closed position, the hinge allowed an unsightly gap between the keyboard and the display. Microsoft is reportedly eliminating this eyesore with the second generation Surface Book, which allows the display to sit flush with the keyboard.

According to product placeholders that were discovered at Microsoft’s Redmond campus, at least one new Surface device is scheduled to be unveiled later this year, and three more will bow in 2017.