Microsoft’s 84-inch and 55-inch Surface Hubs Become Surprise Breakout Sales Stars

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After multiple delays, Microsoft’s enterprise-focused Surface Hubs finally began shipping to customers in late March. And despite the fact that Microsoft raised the price of the 55-inch and 84-inch collaborative displays by $2,000 across the board, from $4,999 to $6,999 and from $19,999 to $21,999 respectively, it appears that Microsoft is selling every Surface Hub that it can produce.

Companies seem to be enamored with the Surface Hubs, and in a statement released to Petri, Microsoft says that demands for the display has been incredible:

Demand for Surface Hubs is very strong and exceeded initial forecasts. To date, we’ve shipped to over 500 customers worldwide and that number continues to grow. We are ramping up production to meet this strong demand via our partner reseller channel as soon as possible. Customers are encouraged to speak with their sales representative if interested in ordering Surface Hubs.

Before you start scratching your heads over the 500 number, realize that is the number of customers that Microsoft has shipped to, and not the total number of devices shipped. While we wouldn’t expect for Microsoft to be selling millions of Surface Hubs this early in the game, it’s well within reason to believe that the company has sold thousands at this point.

Surface Hub

The 55-inch Surface Hub ships with a fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor paired with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. An Intel HD 4600 GPU powers the 1080p display, which support 100-point multi-touch. Also included are front-facing stereo speakers and dual 1080p wide-angle HD cameras.

The 84-inch model ups the ante with a Core i7 processor, but retains the 8GB of RAM and the 128GB SSD. The graphics horsepower under the hood, however, is upgraded to an NVIDIA Quadro K2200, which is more than enough to power the 3840x2160 display. Both machines of course run Windows 10, which will be receiving its Anniversary Update on August 2nd.