Microsoft Reportedly Building Kaby Lake Powered Surface AIO PC For Your Living Room

Microsoft took the bull by the horns when it released its Surface tablet, a 2-in-1 device that showed its hardware partners exactly what kind of machine it was picturing for a universal operating system like Windows 8 (and now Windows 10), and now it appears the Redmond outfit will do the same in the all-in-one category. There are multiple reports suggesting a Surface AIO is in the works.

This time around, Microsoft doesn't have a point to prove, as the AIO category is pretty well established. However, with its Surface line doing so well in the tablet (Surface Pro 4) and laptop (Surface Book) categories, why not tackle AIOs next? That might be the motivation for Microsoft to build its own AIO, the timing of which is said to coincide with Intel's 14-nanometer Kaby Lake processor family.

Surface Pro 4
With a Surface tablet (Surface Pro 4) and laptop (Surface Book) under Microsoft's belt, why not tackle an AIO next?

Knowledge of an impending Surface AIO was first reported by Digitimes, which points out that global shipments of AIO PCs are expected to drop to 12.6 million units in 2016, down from 14 million shipped a year earlier. If that's true, jumping into the category during a decline could be viewed as risky, though a Surface AIO could also renew interest in AIOs.

According to WindowsCentral, which corroborated the report with a "reliable source," Microsoft is taking aim at the living room with a "modern and elegant" design that users won't feel compelled to hide in a computer room, assuming they still have one. Microsoft wants its Surface AIO to fit in just as a premium appliance or piece of furniture would.

Beyond that not a whole lot is known about Microsoft's plans. It will be interesting to see what display size Microsoft rolls with, and whether or not it will be detachable like Dell's XPS 18, an excellent solution in the AIO space.