Microsoft Teases Four New Surface Devices With Placeholders

It's time for the community of Internet detectives to don their thinking caps and solve the mystery of what Surface device is "coming soon" from Microsoft. The only real clue are several placeholders on a wall in Microsoft's building 88 showing off its past hardware efforts, including the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Pen, and Type Cover.

Photos of the wall and the mystery placeholders were taken by Shubhan Chemburkar, a freelance app developer from India who recently visited Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington. There's a 2016 and three 2017 placeholders on the aforementioned wall of various Surface hardware, each with a generic outline of a Surface Pro. Have a look:

Surface Wall
Source: Shubhan Chemburkar (click to enlarge)

The placeholders could represent new Surface Pro devices, though we're not putting too much stock into the generic images. These could be anything, including a Surface Phone, which is something Microsoft hinted at in late 2015. At the time, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela told Mary Jo Foley on an episode of Twit that Microsoft was working on a "breakthrough" phone that is the "spiritual equivalent" of a Surface tablet. Rumor has it the Surface Phone is being prepped for a 2017 release.

There's also been some recent chatter of Microsoft readying the release of a Surface AIO. Nothing is yet official, but there have been multiple reports claiming to have the inside scoop, with Microsoft said to be launching an all-in-one powered by Intel's forthcoming 14-nanometer Kaby Lake processor family and running Windows 10.

With four placeholders in all, there's room for multiple devices. Perhaps Microsoft will fill the slots with a Surface Pro successor, Surface Book successor, Surface Phone, and a Surface AIO. We'll just have to wait and see.