Microsoft Kicks Off Biggest Ever Xbox Store Sale With Up To 75 Percent Off Games

If you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, Microsoft today just launched its “Biggest Sale Ever” for the Xbox Store. The 19-day sale lasts through January 9th and encompasses all type of digital media ranging from games to apps to movies to TV shows. But we know that all you folks care about are the games!
xbox one s bf1 white

The first round of sales for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games only lasts for a week, but those who choose to participate stand to reap some pretty large savings (up to 75 percent off). Here’s just a small sampling of some of the Xbox One game deals that are available through December 28th (prices shown are the discounts for Xbox Live Gold members):

Again, this is just a small selection of what’s available — there are literally dozens of games to choose from, and that’s not even including the Xbox 360 tiles that are on sale. Xbox Live Silver members can also take advantage of the reduced pricing, but the discounts aren’t nearly as great as what you’d receive with Xbox Live Gold (obviously). For example, Gold members save 50 percent on Star Wars Battlefront, but the discount stands at just 40 percent for Silver members.

In addition to the weekly deals, there will also be a daily, which for December 22nd is the Life is Strange Complete Season. This graphics adventure game is listed at 75 percent off, bringing it down to just $5.

If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft is looking to entice Xbox 360 gamers and those who have never signed up for Xbox Live for a promotion to get one month of the service for just $1.