Metro: Last Night to Launch May 14th

In 2010, a game came along that should have put to rest the popular meme, "Can it run Crysis?" Despite being graphically superior - it was the first major title to include DirectX 11's tessellation feature - Metro 2033 didn't get the respect it deserved on the graphics front. On the gameplay front, things were different. It was immersive, the world was convincing and never knowing what was right around the corner helped make the game stand out to FPS fans all over.

Metro: Last Light looks to replicate all of the successes of the original, both with regards to graphics and gameplay, when it hits the shelves on May 14th. On the official site, it's being described as a game that offers "thrilling combat" with an "exotic arsenal" of hand-made weaponry (something that helps set the game apart from most others) inside of an atmospheric post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro. At its core, Metro is a survival horror, so if you like to have the wits scared out of you, it should prove to be right up your alley.

With Last Light, 4A Games is upping the ante on PC graphics, and it just might come close to the level of impressiveness that Crysis 3 (our review here) brought to the table (at least, we can hope). PhysX is supported in full, so we can expect an increase in debris and destruction in general, and hopefully, tessellation will be a little more noticeable in more areas this time around. For those who don't have the beefiest rigs, the game will be able to be played in DirectX 9 mode, just like the original. Ironically - the original title was so hardcore at the time of its release, that many who owned high-end DirectX 11-capable PCs settled with DX9 mode instead, just to retain great frame-rates.

While Metro: Last Light is going to be available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I think it's safe to say that the PC is where it truly belongs.