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Oh, look you are back :)  I am in the middle of resolving some issues with an article I am writing, but I figured I would take a five minute breather to toss up some news for all of you.  So, with out further delay, here is some more of the good stuff...

PMI 1GIG DDR400 Platinum Turbo Dual Channel Memory Kit Review @

"PMI's PC3200 Platinum Turbo Memory can be summed up rather simply. If you are in the market for cost effective high quality PC3200 memory complete with copper heatspreaders, lifetime warranty and good overclocking potential, PMI's DDR400 would definitely be a smart buy. Throughout my three day barrage complete with gaming, benchmarking, overclocking and stress testing, never did I notice one problem."

IBM ThinkPad R50 @ TrustedReviews

"The R50 is based on the Intel Centrino standard, so inside you've got a Pentium M processor running at 1.5GHz. The memory complement is a fairly standard 512MB with one SODIM slot left empty for future upgrades, while the 40GB hard disk is smaller than some, but still more than enough for most notebook users."

I-Star TC-400R8 400 Watt Redundant Power Supply @ Bjorn3D

"Power supplies are an often overlooked yet extremely critical component of every PC. A solid and reliable PSU is an absolute must for a stable system. For a system that requires no down-time, then a redundant PSU is the answer. Check out this review of one of I-Star's 'mini redundant PSUs' -- they fit in regular ATX cases."

MSI Mega 865 Review @ Legion Hardware

"The front liquid crystal display certainly is something unique, however I feel MSI could have better utilized its functions. Unfortunately, the display is almost pointless once the PC is running and there is no possible way to communicate with it once in Windows. The display only appears to function when the computer is powered down. While it is good to see that the entire computer does not need to be functioning to use this feature, it would be nice if it worked all the time."

Samsung SyncMaster 192T: 19" LCD Display Review @ Explosive Labs

"Gaming on the 192T was sort of a mixed bag. As we had seen the streaking problems in the Display Mate tests we expected the 192T to not do any better in games. This was true for some games but for others it was not. We used the following games for our evaluation: Far Cry, Call of Duty, Wolfenstein: ET, SOF2 and Halo. SOF2 turned out to show the greatest amount of ghosting while Far Cry did exceptionally well. Call of Duty and Wolfenstein were average and what we expected with a 25ms response time. Halo we can say was in between Wolfenstein and SOF2. So after witnessing all of these results it is hard to evaluate this display for its gaming performance. We will have to look further into it to come up with a better sense of its overall performance."

Thermaltake Tower112 Pure Copper 4 in 1 Heat Pipe Cooler @The

"Seems like heat pipe is the buzz word of the cooling companies lately. If you look around nearly every major heat sink company has utilized this technology. So what is a heat pipe and why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon? What could 40 year old technology offer to combat today's hot processors?"

It is time for me to get back to work, I will catch you later :) - Cheers

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