Logitech MX Ink Arrives For Precise Creation On Meta Quest Headsets

hero logitech mx ink
Logitech has introduced its MX Ink mixed reality stylus for the Meta Quest mixed reality headset. The company touts the new stylus as being “a revolutionary leap for control, creativity, and collaboration in the virtual world.”

Meta has been at the forefront of bringing new innovations to the virtual world. Now, in collaboration with Logitech, the two companies are bringing a new twist to how people can create within the virtual world around them. The Logitech MX Ink is the first MR stylus for the Meta Quest headset, and it allows creators to “engage in high-precision creativity and exercise precise control, allowing them to create, annotate, and navigate in MR environments."

“For over four decades, Logitech has shown the way with software-enabled, hardware solutions crafted to provide people the freedom and precise control they need to express themselves, connecting them to the digital world,” remarked Vadim Kogan, Head of AR/VR at Logitech.

“The new Logitech MX Ink is a stylus that seamlessly transitions from 2D to 3D spaces, offering the familiarity of a 2D stylus with the tracking accuracy expected by Meta Quest users in MR. Meta has been incredible to work with, and their MR expertise combined with our user experience and comfort knowledge helps us bridge the gap between traditional tools and the immersive digital world," Kogan added.

This will also be the first time Meta has supported more than two paired controllers at once. Logitech remarked that once the MX Ink is paired, users can easily switch between using Meta Quest controllers and MX Ink without having to interrupt their workflow. Users will also be able to pair the MR stylus to a MX Mat, creating a friction-free writing and drawing experience.

Logitech mx ink well and mat
Logitech MX Ink stylus, MX Ink Well, and MX Mat.

Furhan Zafar, VP, Sustaining Product Operations & Accessories at Meta says that the MX Ink stylus will be supported by “many applications.” A few of the currently supported apps include Painting VR, Engage XR, OpenBrush, and Arkio. Users dabbling in 3D sketching will be able to use the MX Ink in apps such as Gravity Sketch, and Adobe Substance 3D Modeler.

Meta made customizing the MX Ink easier by adding a dedicated stylus customization page in the Meta settings. Users can choose between primary right- to left-hand selection, to custom button mapping and adjustable pressure curves for the tip and pressure button. Users will also be able to enhance their creations with replaceable tips, according to Logitech.

MX Ink, MX Ink + MX Inkwell Combo, and MX Mat will be made available later this year via the Logitech website, Meta’s website, and Amazon. Developers can submit an application now if interested in integrating MX Ink with their applications.