Logitech Mouse Gets An AI Button For One-Click Access To ChatGPT

Signature AI Edition with Logi AI Prompt Builder

In 2024, the mere mention of a new AI initiative can send a company's stock price through the roof. Unlike so many other companies, Logitech isn't building its own large language models (LLMs), but it is making a new "AI mouse." Of course, the mouse doesn't use artificial intelligence, but it does offer you easy access to AI services. With a click, you can be talking with ChatGPT. Even if you don't need a new mouse, you might still find some utility in Logitech's new AI tool.

The new pointer mover is known as the Signature AI Edition M750. It's your typical Bluetooth mouse that includes support for Logitech's more battery-friendly Bolt USB dongle. It runs on a single AA battery, so there's no port for recharging or wired connectivity. It can be yours for $50 right now, but even AI enthusiasts should probably pause and take a breath.

You won't notice any "extra" buttons on the M750—the AI button is just behind the scroll wheel where most Logitech mice already have a button to toggle scrolling modes, DPI, or some other built-in feature. The M750 AI Edition just repurposes that as a dedicated AI shortcut. Pressing it will open the new Logi AI Prompt Builder, which is included with the latest version of the Logi Options+ software for Windows and macOS 12+. This is a different approach than the AI keys that everyone is threatening to add to laptop keyboards. Those would open the full ChatGPT-powered Copilot UI, but Logitech's approach is much more streamlined. 

According to Logitech, the goal of Prompt Builder is to help people access ChatGPT without interrupting their workflow. You simply highlight text, press the AI button, and then click through to set up your prompt. There are several included "recipes" like rephrase, reply, and create email. You can add your own recipes to fit your usage, and there are also dropdowns to control reply length and tone. When you're done with the prompt, the data is sent off to ChatGPT and the reply appears in a new window.

Logitech's ChatGPT prompt builder doesn't reinvent the artificially intelligent wheel; it's just a new way to access ChatGPT, and there's even an option to log into your OpenAI account so you can access your premium features. Actually, you don't even need the M750 to get started—as long as you have a Logitech mouse that connects to Logi Options+ (the Logitech MX, Ergo, Signature, and Studio Series), you can map a button on your mouse to the AI Prompt Builder.

If you can't get enough of ChatGPT and you also need a new mouse, go ahead and pick up the Logitech Signature AI Edition M750—it's $50 direct from Logitech. Current Logitech customers might not need to upgrade, though. Check the Options+ app to see if your mouse supports Prompt Builder button mapping.