Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Just Learned Cool Instagram And Amazon Music Tricks

meta ray ban update hero
Meta’s line of Ray-Ban smart glasses continue to get useful updates from the company, this time with some new Instagram-based features alongside adding support for Amazon Music and Calm. Meta says that these new features will help “make your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses more useful, fun, and social than ever before.”

Sharing moments on Instagram will be even easier with this update, as users will now be able to upload a photo directly from the smart glasses instead of needing a phone. To take a photo and instantly share it users can say either “Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram” or “Hey Meta, post a photo to Instagram.” Meta says that this new feature will have a gradual rollout, so users might need to wait a bit before it becomes available.

meta ray ban update body

Streaming Amazon Music will now be an option on the Ray-Ban smart glasses as well, and users will be able to do so directly on the glasses. When a user says, “Hey Meta, play Amazon Music,” a recommended playlist will begin to play. Audio playback can be controlled with either voice or touch controls. It seems as if the music accessible will be limited to the recommended playlist, though.

Lastly, users in need of a bit of relaxation will now be able to access Calm through their Ray-Ban smart glasses. To practice a bit of mindfulness users can say, “Hey Meta, play the Daily Calm,” which the company says will “bring guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, and self-care content directly to your glasses.” New Calm users will also be given a three-month trial for free when accessing through the Meta View app.

These are all solid additions Meta is making to the Ray-Ban smart glasses, made better by the fact that they can be accessed on device without the need for a phone. Hopefully Meta can continue to improve the amount of granularity available to users while using these features.