Linux Gaming, Sempron 2600+ for Socket 754, and more!

Hey folks, just thought I'd stop in and give you something to read for Friday night. If this is your first visit of the day, Andrew has reviewed the ATI TV Wonder Elite, so check it out. As for other news, we have an article on Linux Gaming, a look at the AMD Sempron 2600+, and some pondering of the age old question... computers: to build or to buy ;) Enjoy!

Linux Gaming @ HEXUS

"Well, Linux certainly isn't most peoples' thought for a games-based PC. Especially one being taken to a big tournament LAN party. However, by design or trickery, none of the tournament games at the event were out-of-bounds to my Linux machine, and rousing games of Call of Duty, Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 were shared by the collective and any other gamers who felt like joining in."

AMD Sempron 2600+ for Socket 754 @ X-Bit labs

"A couple of weeks ago AMD began selling several new models of the Sempron processor for Socket 754, and in this review we will examine the Sempron 2600+, the junior Socket 754 product from AMD. We're going to test the performance of the new CPU, compare it to the competing products, and explore its overclockability right now!"

BenQ FP91V+ 19-inch 12ms (6ms GTG) TFT LCD @ hardwarezone

"The FP91V+ is the latest monitor out of BenQ's stable promoting lightning speed Gray To Gray timings. With a 19-inch screen, glossy panel and great colors, BenQ outdoes their own launch of the FP71E+ 8ms LCD. Though it still has its flaws, we love it anyway."

To Build or Buy, That is the Question @ PC Mechanic

"In this article, we are going to compare these OEM systems part by part with a custom built computer, comparing prices and other useful information to show the pros and cons of each. This is intended to help your decision, not make it for you: there are pros and cons to each."

eVGA & Chaintech 6600GT PCI-Express Card Review @ 3DXtreme

"Let's take a look at these two video cards and see how they measure up in today's gaming applications and a little later we'll have a look at these cards in an SLI configuration and see how well they stack up against a current high end card."