LGA775 Overclocking, HIS X800s, Some Gadgets & More

I know, I know.  It's Monday and I'm supposed to complain about how fast the weekend flew by, and that Monday's are the worst day of the week.  But I had about as full a weekend and anyone could have, and I was actually looking forward to getting back to work this morning!  First, we booked the reception hall and got our "Save the Date" magnets done.  I went out for a nice meal with the better half and got a few engagement gifts.  I also spent some time at the local computer show with Mario and to top it all off my sister went into labor and had her fourth son!  Nice, huh? :)  Needless to say,  I didn't have too much time to myself, so it felt good getting back in front of the keyboard.

That's probably enough of my rambling for one morning!  I'm going to go get some proof-reading done so we can post some fresh content.  For now though, we've got a full helping of hardware news...enjoy...

 Overclocking the 2.8GHz LGA775 Pentium 4 @ Hard|OCP.Com:

"Not only does this give a enthusiast view of what power is tucked into the new Pentium 4, it gives us an idea at what the upcoming Intel 1066MHz bus speed will bring. Our testing also provides information cutting edge enthusiasts want to know about DDR2 RAM and PCI-Express video card power needs.

Our overclocked 3.55GHz CPU and its great amount of memory bandwidth simply dominates the stock 2.8GHz Pentium 4 in the benchmarks and also bests a stock clocked 3.6GHz Pentium 4 by a good margin."

 Performance Compared - HIS X800XT and X800PRO IceQ II VIVO Edition Series @ TweakTown:

"Today we have taken a look at the AGP 8x versions of the Radeon X800XT and X800PRO IceQ II VIVO Edition series from HIS. We take a look at both cards and the package and then put them up against each other to find out the retail vendor performance difference of the two fastest graphics chips currently available from ATI."

 Coolermaster Musketeer 2 Review @ Overclocker's Club:

"Cooler Master has had a slue of slick looking multi function panels in the past year, and today we will be looking at the second addition to the Musketeer line the Musketeer2. With the original Musketeer you had a slick looking panel using analog gauges; this really makes the Musketeer stand out from any other multifunction panel on the market. The first Musketeer had gauges to for temperature, fan voltage, and the ability to read the sound pressure level and adjust the volume accordingly. On the Musketeer2 we have the same volume adjustability, but now you can control both the left and right channel, along with analog gauges for both channels. You also have an analog gauge to show the level of hard drive activity. Let's take a closer look and see if the Musketeer2 is what you need to add some flare to your case."

 NZXT Guardian Black @ ASE Labs:

"The optical drive area. NZXT has a great locking mechanism for drives. It is the best screwless lock I've ever encountered. All you need to do is slide the lock to one side and put it in the locked position. The screwless design is amazing."

 Cooler Master Cavalier 3 CAV-T03 ATX Tower @ HardCoreWare.Net:

"If you've been getting tired of all the plastic bezeled wonders we've been reviewing over the past few months, you're in store for a treat. The Cavalier series from Cooler Master is clearly aimed at the sub-$100 case buyer, but doesn't spare at all from their usual high quality design."

 Sony VAIO A170 Notebook Review @ The Tech Zone:

"You can stop drooling now. The notebook of your dream is here and it's call the Sony VAIO A170. The A170 fixes my biggest complaints about 17" wide screen notebook that have came before; low screen resolution. Before the Sony VAIO A170 burst onto the hardware world, the highest 17" notebook resolution was 1440x900 used in the 17" Apple G4 that we reviewed by in July. Then Clevo introduced a 17" wide screen with 1680x1050 resolution which was for sure a step in the right direction. However, to get maximum advantage of a 17" wide screen you need 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution and that is exactly what Sony did with the VAIO A170."

That's all we've got in store for this installment.  Check back later though, we'll have some more news and a fresh review for you as well.  Peace.