LG Rollable Phone Concept Teased Again In Mechanized Expanding Display Glory

lg rollable phone 1
LG has been teasing its CES 2021 announcements for the past month, but at the end of todays' keynote, it reserved a spot for an upcoming product that've talked about in the past. We're of course talking about LG's smartphone with a rollable display, which was first teased at the tail end of its LG Wing unveil.

While the previous teaser only gave us a glimpse at the smartphone's silhouette from the side, we get a clear look at the device from the front. In the short clip below, the smartphone is being held in a landscape orientation and actually looks like a small tablet. However, we the see the display slowly shrink down -- under its own power -- until the display dimensions take on a more smartphone-like form.

lg rollable phone 2

Unfortunately, we know nothing else about the smartphone at this time, but we'd imagine that the production version will be part of LG's Explorer Project initiative, which was kicked off with the Wing. The Wing is also a rather interesting device (read the HotHardware review here), given that it features a primary display the swivels, revealing a smaller display underneath. LG is using its Explorer Project to test the waters with new smartphone form-factors; ones that so far have bucked the trend of folding displays like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Motorola’s Moto Razr 5G.

However, LG isn't the only company that has teased rollable smartphone concepts. TCL unveiled a similar design back in March 2020 with a rollable display that could increase in size from 6.75 inches (standard) to 7.8 inches (extended). However, TCL hasn't released the smartphone to the public, so it remains a prototype/concept at this point.