Late Night Update - GF 6800 reviews and a little nForce3 250Gb action

Welcome back friends :) My apologize about the late news update today.  My trip into Toronto lasted longer then anticipated.  Needless to say, it is getting late, so lets get down to business....

*NVIDIA 6800 Ultra Previews/Reviews --> Our very own look: Link to HH's review

*XFX 5700 Ultra Dual DVI @ Viper Lair

"While the XFX 5700 Ultra isn't the fastest card in the block, it is still a good card worthy of a recommendation for the performance and Dual DVI capability if nothing else. If you want a good, stable, fast video card that won't break the bank I would put the 5700 Ultra on your list of possible video cards to purchase."

*Clever Power SPS-400 ATX Power Supply @ System Cooling

"Netlink Technology is a distributor of networking equipment, which will soon include the Clever Power line of silent power supply units (PSU). Today we will be reviewing the SPS-400 that is rated for 400 watts and incorporates a unique low noise blower style fan and four built-in AC accessory outlets for powering peripheral devices."

*PMI 3200-512DGL Memory Kit Review @

"Power Memory International recently entered the enthusiast DDR memory module market with its TurboMemory line. The TurboMemory line offers modules operating at today's common speeds and featuring gold or platinum heat spreaders and low latencies. Does this memory industry veteran have what it takes to hang in this market? Judging by the PMI3200-512DGL, I would say PMI is here to stay! Read to this review to find out what is so great about PMI's new offerings."

*MSI K8N Neo (nForce3-250Gb) Motherboard Review @ T-Break

"nVidia also fixes the HyperTransport in nForce-250. Although the older nForce-150 gave the option of an 800MHz HT, it never really worked and you had to drop down to 8-bit/600MHz to get a working system. This issue is fixed with the nForce3-250 as we were able to verify 16-bit/1000MHz HT on the MSI K8N Neo. Another thing that?s probably fixed is the PCI/AGP lock which was a hit-and-miss affair with the nForce3-150. We used the term probably because we had no problems reaching the maximum speeds allowed by the MSI board- 300MHz, however, we did come across a couple of nForce3-150 boards with the lock working properly. It remains to be seen if all boards have the lock implemented."

*Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2L Heatsink Review @ BigBruin.Com

"The Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2L is an inexpensive thermal solution for your AMD Duron / Athlon / Athlon XP processor up to 3400 . With its integrated 3 speed fan, the Copper Silent 2L provides a low profile heatsink that will eliminate any concerns you may have on whether it will fit in even the smallest of case?s, including the newer HTPC case?s on the market today."

That is all for the time being friends. I am off to bed, have a great night :) - Cheers