LAPSUS$ Teen Hacker Behind Massive GTA VI Leak Receives Indefinite Hospital Order

lapsus gta vi nvidia hacker sentenced to indefinite hospital hold
Through 2022, the LAPSUS$ threat actor group went on a tear, breaching companies like NVIDIA, Samsung, Microsoft, and Rockstar. The latter of these breaches resulted in quite a bit of game leaks related to GTA IV, revealing details that would later be confirmed in the official GTA IV trailer. Some, if not all, of the teens behind this group have been arrested, and the ringleader has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital hold.

The LAPSUS$ saga began in February of 2022 when the group claimed to have breached NVIDIA and then stole 1TB of data. This was followed by the claim that NVIDIA had hacked them back using ransomware, which was subsequently followed by leaks from the dataset. Breaches like these would continue throughout the year, up until poor operational security led to the arrest of seven individuals between the ages of 16 and 21 in connection to LAPSUS$.

gta lapsus gta vi nvidia hacker sentenced to indefinite hospital hold

In August of this year, a United Kingdom court heard the case wherein it was discovered that a key LAPSUS$ ringleader, Arion Kurtaj, was nabbed in the prior arrests. However, he was deemed not fit to stand trial and, further, was found to be behind the GTA VI leaks from his hotel room. Interestingly, he used an Amazon Fire TV stick and cell phone to act as a computer, which he was not allowed to have while in police protection. It had also been noted that Kurtaj was “violent while in custody with dozens of reports of injury or property damage.”

Thus, a judge has now sentenced Kurtaj to remain in the custody of a secure hospital indefinitely until doctors deem him no longer a danger. This is in part due to the violence and also his high motivation, with reports from the BBC noting that he “continued to express the intent to return to cyber-crime as soon as possible.” Ultimately, while this kid may have some skills, he is still a dangerous threat actor, potentially without the capability to understand the consequences of his actions, which is something he will have to learn.