Lappy Math 102: Apple + Sub-Notebooks = Flash?

The Register is reporting that Apple's first sub-notebook in almost a decade might very well come with a flash drive:

"Rumours that Apple is working on a sub-notebook computer were given weight this week when a Wall Street analyst claimed the ultra-compact MacBook will use Flash storage. American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote and told investors: "This is a new sub-notebook form factor that will use NAND Flash as primary storage. Our sources indicate that Apple would like to introduce the product in H2 2007." It won't be the first computer to do so. Sony, for example, is already shipping its Vaio UX1, a compact tablet form-factor machine with 32GB of Flash in place of a hard drive. And SanDisk announced a 1.8in, 32GB internal Flash drive for notebooks and handhelds in January."

If more major players in the sub-notebook field start following the flash-HDD trend it will only be a matter of time until people who use 17" laptops can expect configurations with two flash-HDDs in RAID 0.  Hopefully with drool-resistant exteriors at no extra price.