Klutzes Rejoice! Spill-Proof Laptop Keyboards!

We've been living in a world where a spilled beverage too close to a laptop could result in disaster, but for some unknown reason those people at StarBucks continue to sell untold numbers of drinks to laptop users.  It looks like Intel engineers may have been putting in some time at the local StarBucks as well, because they've got an answer: A spill-proof keyboard for your laptop.

“Traditionally, a laptop computer has its air inlets on the underside. Fans use the drawn-in air to cool the computer's inner working.

However, at home, many owners work with their laptop on their lap, blocking the vents, causing the microprocessor to overheat and stressing the fan.”

Intel's new approach involves innovations in material sciences to produce a semi-porous material that will allow air, but not liquids to pass through.  Sadly, Intel isn't giving us any release dates just yet, nor are they letting us know if this technology could have other applications.  We'll keep you posted as things develop.
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