Klassic Keyboards - Geek Nostalgic

BigWop is going to love this one.  Have a hankering for things made "right" back in the good ol' days?  Get a load of the these classic keyboards and get your farty old geek on...

Steampunk's Keyboard Mod

"The Model M, for all its clicky, built for combat, rat-a-tat goodness, is not the keyboard for those who like to type at 4 AM while their partners sleep in the next room. But if that's not a problem, then it's absolutely the right choice for any touch typist who learned to type prior to the age of ubiquitous cell phones, perhaps on one of the venerable IBM Selectrics. The Model M is a real keyboard."
Marco has a model M, just ask him.  The thing is loud too... I'm talking Wood-Pecker loud dang it!  You should give him a raggin-on for this, go ahead...

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