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Good morning brothers and sisters, welcome back to HotHardware.  On my way home last night I stopped by the local computer shop to pick up a few accessories, and well, some stuff I really didn't need.  Upon leaving the store I saw a really good sale on Logitech's Z-5300 5.1 THX cert'd speaker system.  Needless to say, I convinced myself that I really "needed" them for my gaming rig.  Considering I have them for a little less than 24 hrs, I have to say that I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Anyhow, I know you are itching for some juice, so llet's get to the real reason you showed up...

Kingston Launches HyperX DDR2 Memory Modules

Fountain Valley, CA (August 23, 2004), Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of HyperXâ DDR2 533-MHz (PC2-4300) and 675-MHz (PC2-5400) memory modules. Shipping immediately in limited quantities, Kingstonâ offers HyperX DDR2 modules tested to run at PC2-4300 and PC2-5400. These new HyperX DDR2 unbuffered DIMMs are available in capacities up to 1GB to support the latest generation of computer platforms (actual speed depends on various supported motherboards).

"Kingston's HyperX DDR2 memory features faster speeds of up to 675 MHz, higher data bandwidths, lower power consumption by about 50 percent, and enhanced thermal performance versus DDR," said Louis Kaneshiro, senior technology manager, Kingston. "Gamers and PC enthusiasts will achieve increased performance and better thermal conditions in their rigs from the
latest HyperX offering."

Kingston designs and qualifies its HyperX line of products by careful selection of memory components that are assembled and tested for ultimate performance. The Kingston HyperX PC2-4300 modules have been tested to run at low latency timings of 3-3-3-10 and the PC2-5400 support low latency timings of 4-4-4-10. SPD timings are programmed at JEDEC standard latency timings of 4-4-4-12. The new modules also offer a range of advanced features.

HyperX DDR2 Features:
1.85 Volts operation, reducing power consumption by about 50 percent. Memory signal termination inside the memory chip ("On-Die Termination") to prevent reflected signal transmission errors. Operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and
timing margins. CAS Latencies: 3 and 4

ABIT Upgrades Direct eRMA Service

August 20, 2004 –Nearly three years ago, in response to an industry-wide need for quality RMA service, ABIT Computer (USA) Corporation has initiated the industry's first direct eRMA service. ABIT started to provide the direct online RMA for end users in Canada and the United States (excluding territories). Users could log in online to report and track the status of their RMA.

As our business expands, we feel it is important to continue to have efficient and professional repair services. On August 21st, 2004 ABIT will be migrating online RMA to a new server to maximize the reliability of the system and ensure smooth RMA transactions.

The new ABIT eRMA system offers user-friendly interface and clear step-by-step instructions. Not only users can check the 24/7 real-time status of their RMA online, they can also manage their profile by changing name, password and shipping information. One of the important features that was introduced with a new system is secure and flexible on-line payment. Once the RMA request has been validated and the user is assigned with an RMA number, he can now process the payment via an ABIT Paypal account. This feature offers the flexibility of making payments from any credit card, bank account or Paypal account balance.

 AMD XP Aircooling - Heatsink Roundup August 2004 @ Madshrimps

"So here we are with yet again an AMD Socket A roundup. Last time in December 2003 we saw that the field was dominated by the Thermalright SP-97 heatsink which sports heat pipe technology. Nowadays a lot of manufactures have caught up and we have a wide variety of heatsinks available which are based upon the successful heat pipe tech. Let´s find out if they can beat our Golden Oldie."

 Seasonic PowerAngel Power Monitor Review @ Mikhailtech

"I've wanted to get one of these forever and just in time Seasonic released their newest doodad, the PowerAngel power monitor. As the name implies, this simple to use contraption monitors energy usage in a variety of ways. Its primary purpose (according to Seasonic) is to optimize power usage in the workplace whether it's a small business, a factory or an enthusiast's basement. Though it's not a product for everyone, die hard techies and IT workers alike will find this tool quite useful."

 Digi Doc 5 Review @ Controlled-Insanity PC Mods

"In today's world, computers overheating is a constant concern and the DigitalDoc 5 is an advanced tool for keeping track of 3 things overclockers and enthusiast are most concerned with: Heat, Fan speed and Voltage. The DigitalDoc5 can simultaneously keep track of 8 different fan speeds, the temperature of eight different points in a PC and the voltage levels being produced by your PSU."

 ATI Catalyst 4.8 and 4.9 BETA Doom 3 Performance Analysis @ TweakTown

"Last week ATI caused a stir in the enthusiast community by releasing a "Doom 3 Hotfix" driver labeled 4.9 BETA for users of Radeon graphics cards which promised increased OpenGL performance for the new game. They also released their official Catalyst 4.8 drivers which promise even more performance increases. Follow Shane as we benchmark all the new drivers and see all the results for yourself."

 Socket 939 K8T800 Pro: Abit AV8 Review @ AMD Zone

"Abit is one of the handful of board makers to so far offer a Socket 939 motherboard based on the VIA K8T800 Pro chipset. The AV8 is a feature rich board aimed squarely at enthusiasts. Will it stand up to previous Abit boards? We will find out, but first here is a look at the specifications of the AV8."

 GeForce 6800 GT PCI Express Review @ Beyond3D

"NVIDIA's PCX line of boards, which featured AGP GeForce FX's bridged with the HSI chip, all had very different layouts from their standard AGP counterparts, which was required due to the discrete HSI chip on the board which resulted in the core and memory needed to be shifted around the board. With the high memory speeds and 256-bit bus of GeForce 6800, board space and positioning is at a premium as the trace paths and lengths are fairly critical, hence a discrete HSI solution may have been difficult to implement."

 Thermaltake XTunner - IR Remote Fan Control Device @ Bjorn3D

"Ahhhh. The remote control. Found in the hand of many Americans every evening and weekend after a hard work week. This device has brought us comfort and efficiency since its inception, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping anytime soon. The old style televisions required you to actually get up and walk to the television just to change the channel. How horrible."

That's all I have at the moment friends, I will see you later :) - Cheers

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