Interview with Corsair's John Beekley

The gang at Legit Reviews has posted an interview with Corsair's own John Beekely. As one of the founders of Corsair Memory, John currently acts as the company's VP of Applications Engineering. Corsair has always been makers of one of the highest quality memory modules money can buy so it is interesting to see what direction the company wants to move in for 2006. If you want to hear someone's take on the pulse of the industry, head on over and read what John has to say.

We keep looking at it, and we keep backing away. A high-performance memory watercooler would circulate water directly adjacent to the memory packages. So, in order to have adequate water flow, the water blocks would need to have substantial thickness. And this thickness invariably causes interference problems with processor heat sinks, other memory modules, etc. We just haven't figured out a way to come up with a functionally feasible and commercially viable product here.
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