Intel's Dual-Core Examined, ASUS N6800Ultra PCI-e SLI, Portable Storage

Intel's Dual-Core CPUs Examined on OCAU:

"Smithfield (current stepping A0) is based on the Prescott 1M core with E0 stepping. This core is known for high overclocking potential. On the other hand, knowing that Smithfield consumes at least 15% more power and runs hotter than the already hot Prescott, we did not expect much when we started overclocking. The reality was a pleasant surprise."

ASUS N6800Ultra PCI-e SLI @

"Although the Geforce 7800GTX from Nvidia saw its official release mere days ago, it doesn't spell the end of the former generation, in fact it is arguably at this time that the former generation sees increased attention due to (usual) appropriate pricing adjustments. The 6800Ultra represents the paramount of Nvidia's now former generation, and it was really the first highend Nvidia GPU to gain some performance ground back from ATi ever since the release of the 9700Pro. Well, today we double the pleasure and throw two ASUS Geforce 6800Ultra PCI-E videocards together in all their SLI glory. Is there an advantage in doubling the cost of your graphic upgrade, or is one enough?"

NVIDIA Says No to 7800 GTX in AGP Form @ CoolTechZone:

"Ever since NVIDIA has introduced its 7800 GTX graphics adapter, one of the many questions that users have been asking is if NVIDIA would ever launch an AGP version of the aforementioned card."

Portable Storage from Seagate – 5GB Pocket Size and 400GB External @ Tweaktown

"Seagate has decided to get in on the action with products catering for users with portable storage needs. Over the past few years we've seen the influx of portable storage devices such as pen drives which many of couldn't do without in our day to day lives. Who doesn't want 1 and 0's in their pocket for convenience? Read on as we take a close look at both products and then put them through their paces and see just how they perform."