Intel Press Release, Vantec EZ-Grip Connectors, Thermaltake Polo and More

Good evening everyone :)  Well, the day is winding down and you know what that means.  Yup!  I round up of all the latest and greatest from around the net.  This evening we have a smattering from all areas of the hardware scene; water-cooling, case mods, windows tweakage, etc. etc..  So, go grab yourself a cold beverage and kick back for a while.  Here is the Nightcap....

PRESS RELEASE - Intel Delivers PC Technologies To Digital Home and Office Experiences
Improved Audio, Video and Graphics Enable Broader Set of PC Uses

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 21, 2004 - In one of the most significant PC platform changes in a decade, Intel Corporation today announced products that usher in a range of audio, video and other capabilities previously found only on specialty PCs. In addition to making the PC experience more entertaining and productive, these technologies pave the way for such emerging capabilities as High Definition (HD) video, 7.1 surround sound and robust file protection for office and home users.

These technologies are helping create a new kind of PC, an all-in-one "hi-fi" device with high-definition video, high-fidelity sound and wireless connectivity, according to Louis Burns, vice president and general manager, Intel Desktop Platforms Group.

"Intel innovation is taking the PC through a significant evolution that opens up a broader set of new consumer uses," Burns said. "This evolution will help people to better enjoy digital music, photos, videos and games on PCs and other devices in and around the home. At the same time, the technologies we are introducing for the PC platform will help drive new uses that boost office productivity, such as simultaneously using multiple monitors with just one PC to work on and track several projects."

A trio of new Intel(R) chipsets - the "glue" between the microprocessor and the rest of the PC - and several new Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processors supporting Hyper-Threading Technology (HT1) are the foundation of these new platforms. PCs powered by Intel(R) 915 G/P and 925X Express Chipsets, formerly codenamed Grantsdale and Alderwood, became commercially available worldwide today. These new chipsets are coupled with the latest Pentium 4 processors supporting HT Technology 5xx sequence, which are built on Intel's most advanced 90nm manufacturing process technology and run at speeds up to 3.60 GHz.

To read the full Press Release - Click Here

Vantec EZ-Grip Connectors and FluidXP Non-Conductive Coolant @ PimpRig

"When I first looked at these connectors I honestly thought they were little grips that they had put on the sides. Geez, let me tell you, was I way off base."

Thermaltake Polo 735 HSF @

"Today we received the Polo 735 heat sink & fan (HSF) from Thermaltake. Thermaltake has been in the cooling business for a long time and the Polo 735 shows that they take their customers needs seriously. First off, the Polo 735 is compatible with P4, K7 and K8 processors. So, as your system changes, your hsf can (with a quick change of the clips) be moved right along with it."

ASUS WL-330g Wireless AP Review @ T-Break

"About the size of a deck of playing cards, the WL-330g comes nicely packaged in a small blue box that includes an AC and a USB power adapter, a network cable, a user manual, a drivers CD and a pouch for carrying it around. The device works in two modes- as an Access Point as well as a Wireless adapter."

Beginners Guides: Printer Sharing on a Home Network @ PC Stats

"Printers are essential modern conveniences, connecting with your computer to offer you the power of a small copy shop in your living room. However, printers can rapidly become inconvenient if the other members of your household have to transport the files they want to print to a certain computer in order to print them. Wouldn't it be much better if every computer in the house or office could print directly? In this short but sweet guide, PCstats will look at how to make a printer available over your home network using Windows XP's built-in sharing abilities. Since most of us use USB or parallel connected printers, we are going to assume that this is the same for you. This article assumes that you have a printer correctly installed on a Windows XP computer and a working network connection to at least one other computer. If you need help in setting up your home network, be sure to read PCstats in depth guide to Home Networking and Wireless Networ! king before getting started here."

Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP Duo (Intel 915P) @ Hardware Zone

"The new GA-8GPNXP Duo is one of Gigabyte's latest high-end motherboard based on the Intel 915P chipset. Packed with all the features you could ever think of, Gigabyte has left no stones unturned. Find out if this latest board could rival the performance of the recently reviewed Alderwood platform."

Corsair XMS 3200XL Pro Memory Review @ XYZ Computing

"... we received a UPS shipment from Corsair containing PC3200 memory, Twinx1024-3200XLPRO to be exact. A bit confused, I thought to myself, Corsair must be up to something tricky, they knew we needed some really fast memory..."

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