Intel May Launch A Barrage Of Non-K 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs At CES

intel 13th gen raptor lake boxes2
It would not have been totally unreasonable to think that Intel would stick to enthusiast desktops for Raptor Lake and skip budget or mobile offerings. After all, Raptor Lake is by some measure a stopgap solution, basically a tweaked Alder Lake with higher power limits. The big shift is coming with its next-generation's Meteor Lake disaggregated chips. It has happened in the past that Intel skipped certain markets with new releases, but 13th-gen is a full-number Core CPU generation with real improvements over the 12th-gen chips, not a refresh.

That's not happening, though; we've already written about Intel's Raptor Lake mobile parts, and there's solid evidence for a whole line-up of desktop parts on the way, too. The latest leak comes from an anonymous post on a Chinese messageboard by way of IT Home, who reports that, along with the remainder of the usual desktop CPU lineup, Intel will also be releasing H770 and B760-series motherboards, and all of this hardware will debut at CES.

intel raptor lake models chart

As usual, this information comes totally unsourced, so maybe don't plan your vacation around it. Still, there's no real reason to doubt the idea that Intel will release new CPUs and motherboards at CES. We've already heard about H770 and B760 way back in May when Mr. Enthusiastic Citizens leaked their existence, and the list of Intel CPUs above originates with multiple leaks including one from Gigabyte and another from ExtremePlayer.

Most DIY builds are done by enthusiasts who typically want the highest performance possible, and in that light, it makes sense for Intel to focus on releasing the high-powered and overclockable "K" models first. There are still some pretty interesting CPUs on that list, though, like the 24-core-and-35-watt Core i9-13900T. We're also fascinated by the idea of a 6P+4E Core i5-13400 using the new Raptor Lake silicon, but who knows if that will come to pass.

As for the competition, AMD's rumored to be releasing the hotly-anticipated Zen 4 X3D CPUs early next year, and we could see an announcement of those at CES, too. At least, that's the chatter on the grapevine. Given the weakness of the markets right now, Intel may well have the more compelling offerings to the majority of users at that time.