Gigabyte Leak Reveals Intel Readying A Huge Arsenal Of 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Models

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In case you missed it, Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs have launched! Well, "announced," anyway—and only six of them. The currently-announced 13th-generation CPUs from Intel are the "K" and "KF" models of the Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 families, which is to say the ones that enthusiasts are most interested in. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that Intel's got a whole pile of additional 13th-gen processors on the way, but Gigabyte's gone and confirmed that for us through a thorough leak as part of a motherboard CPU support list.

intel gigabyte leak
The top of Gigabyte's list. Click for the full version.

This info comes to us by way of regular Twitter leaker 188号 ("188-gou", or "188th", known as @momomo_us on Twitter), who points out that the CPU support list for the Gigabyte Z790 AORUS MASTER motherboard includes not only all of the extant Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs, but in fact what appears to be every LGA 1700 CPU that is likely to ever exist. The chart includes not only the model names, but also their P-core base frequency, L3 cache total, TDP, and even their processor stepping value.

intel raptor lake models chart

We've compiled that information, along with the earlier lineup leak from ExtremePlayer, to create the chart above, which lists the entire Intel 13th-gen desktop CPU lineup as far as we are aware. To be clear, most of this information comes from the Gigabyte chart or Intel itself, with only the core count data for the unreleased processors originating from ExtremePlayer.

If you're familiar with Intel's processor nomenclature and the specifications for Raptor Lake, then none of this should be too shocking. It's interesting to see that apparently there will be two different models of Core i5-13400 CPU, with one based on Alder Lake silicon and the other based on Raptor Lake. We wonder if models based on the Raptor Lake B0 silicon will have the additional L2 cache from that design.

It's also curious that Gigabyte lists the Core i5-13400 and Core i3-13100 as having "Intel UHD Graphics 770." We find that pretty unlikely; the integrated graphics in the extant Core i5-12400 and Core i3-12100—which are supposedly the same silicon—are branded as "UHD Graphics 730," and we suspect that that will be the case for the refreshed chip as well.

inline olrak raptor lake cache layout diagram
A diagram of the layout for the B0 Raptor Lake silicon. Credit: Olrak on Twitter

If earlier leaks are correct, there's only a single new die for Raptor Lake, which is the 8P+16e die used for the higher-end processors. The biggest changes in that die are the addition of two more E-core clusters and an increase in L2 cache for both P-cores and E-cores. L3 cache allotments stay the same, which is why the L3 cache listings on some of the CPUs above don't change. Still, the "135" and "134" processors do have more L3 cache than their previous-generation counterparts, which is interesting.

We have no idea when Intel will announce or release the rest of the Raptor Lake lineup, but we might expect it to come around CES 2023. That's less than 3 months away. By the way; what happened to the rest of 2022? If you're after one of the already-announced CPUs, those chips should hit on October 20th, just 5 days away.