Intel 915G and 925X Chipsets, Corsair Memory and Others

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News Anyone??

 Intel's 915G & 925X chipsets reviewed at:

Corsair TwinX1024 PC3200XL Pro @ Controlled-Insanity PC Mods

"With all of the latest memory releases being geared towards the high FSB, high bandwidth, Intel platforms, it's about time that a company step up and release some quality low latency DDR, that can still handle decent FSB. Leave it to Corsair to step up to the plate for us AMD users out there, and deliver yet another home run product in our next review, the Corsair Twin X Pro PC3200 XL 1gb (2x512) Dual Channel Kit."

Chenming 602A ATX Tower Case Review @ LAN Addict

"If I had to pick one thing I like best about the 602A, I would have to say it is the way the side panel is fastened to the rest of the case. It isn't your typical slide-on type of arrangement. It is a hinge type of construction that makes getting into the case all but effortless! Add the ease of entry to the copious amout of room inside the case and you've got one hell of a package!"

Thermaltake Polo 735 3-in-1 Cooler @ BigBruin.Com

"To say the least, the performance of the Thermaltake Polo 735 was impressive... If you're looking for a heatsink with multiple processor compatibility, competitive pricing, and multiple ways to control fan speed, this could be the heatsink for you... With the temperatures achieved during testing, we can even suggest this cooler for moderate overclocking, perfect for an enthusiast looking for that extra edge."

GeForce 6800 Ultra Voltage Mod @ VR-Zone

"VR-Zone has done up a voltage modding guide on the new GeForce 6800 Ultra card. The guide will show how to measure the GPU voltage and increase the voltage through resistor or pencil to improve overclockability. The default voltage should read 1.13v in BIOS and 1.43v in Windows and with the voltage mod, it will give the card 0.24v more. However, there is an overvoltage protection on the card and throttling will occur. To boost another 0.1v more, a BIOS flash needed with a 6800 Ultra modded BIOS."

Asetek VapoChill LightSpeed @ EXTREME Overclocking

"It is a very special day in every serious overclocker's career when they are able to take the big leap into the world of phase change (also called "vapor compression") cooling. For those who are unfamiliar with phase change, it is essentially the same concept as an air conditioning or refrigeration system, except that a refrigerant is evaporated in a small block mounted directly on the CPU. What this equates to is the ability to maintain extremely cold temperatures on a processor, even under load."

AMD Athlon 64 3200 review @ OCModShop

"This is a great processor and I am pleased with what AMD has done with it. Not only is it a great processor now but it will only get better. With 64-bit operating systems and software not far off this Athlon 64 has a lot to look forward to soon. Another great thing about this processor is although it is indeed 64-bit capable it is also 32-bit backwards compatible. You wont have to worry about your 32-bit software becoming obsolete or buying upgrades. Overclocking was also quite impressive as shown by the above results and with some watercooling I think this CPU has more in it."

AMD Socket-939 Arrives @ GamePC Labs

"Today at GamePC, we're taking a look at AMD's new Socket-939 Athlon64 processor form factor. These new chips, along with the accompanying motherboards, just hit the market in this past week in large volumes. We've decided to give these new products a test to see how the new features of AMD's Socket-939 help (or hurt) performance in comparison to other Athlon64's and Intel's competing Pentium 4 lineup."

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