IE7 Is So Marvelous, You Should Keep IE6 Around To Compare It To

Microsoft's latest web browser, Internet Explorer 7, is a large improvement from IE6. The problem is, it's only an improvement if it works. Operability problems with some sites that aren't compatible with the latest version have prompted Microsoft to offer a free piggyback version with IE 6 to let you look at most anything on the web properly. Computerworld  has the skinny:

Microsoft made its desktop virtualization tool, Virtual PC 2004 SP1, free for download earlier this year. It's not my favorite virtualization tool, but it works fine. The key part of the equation is a virtual machine appliance supplied by the IE7 team that consists of Windows XP Service Pack 2 with IE6. It's a 495.8MB download that will work until April 1, 2007. Schare says the IE7 team hopes to renew the program with a new virtual image. There's no charge at all for the use of Windows XP, by the way. This is a pretty good deal.

Almost 500 MB? Microsoft pants are awful roomy in the seat, ain't they? At least it's free.

Read the whole thing here.

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