HyperX Unveils Its First Webcam, An Audio Mixer, And Spring-Loaded Mic Arm For Streamers

hero hyperx vision webcam
HyperX has broadened its streaming peripheral lineup with a new webcam, audio mixer, and spring-loaded mic arm. The Vision S webcam is the company's first webcam and is designed to enhance the streaming and content creation experience.

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HyperX is a well-known brand within the gaming and streaming world. Its Cloud headset has been a staple for gamers for its excellent quality and durability. Now, HyperX is extending its reach to include the Vision S webcam, the HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface, and the first completely toolless, spring-loaded mic/camera arm on the market, the HyperX Caster.

HyperX Vision S Webcam

At one time, Streamers were dependent on a select few options when it came to webcams. However, the market has skyrocketed in recent years, and HyperX has decided it does not want to be left out. The Vision S Webcam is equipped with a Sony Starvis 8MP sensor that offers up to 4K resolution.

hyperx vision s

The webcam also has a wide 90-degree field-of-view and what the company calls a "responsive autofocus," which ensures professional-quality videos with sharp focus even during movement. The company also says that the Vision S performs well even in low-light conditions, which is a must for those who like to stream in the dark. Throw in tilt and swivel features, and setup and positioning are a breeze.

The HyperX Vision S Webcam is compatible with both PC and Mac and can be purchased for $199.99.

HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface

A streaming setup is incomplete without a way to direct all the sounds to the right places. The HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface is an all-in-one compact solution that allows creators to achieve the perfect mix for mic, game audio, voice chat, and output volume.

hyperx audio interface

The mixer should ensure clear studio-quality audio with features such as an XLR input and 48V phantom power, 24-bit/96kHz audio support, and direct monitoring. The company says it has user-friendly controls, which include level faders for all three audio inputs, volume knobs for line and headphone outputs, and input and output mute buttons.

The HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface is also compatible with PC and Mac and can purchased for $179.99 early next year.

HyperX Caster

Anyone who has tried to stream with a mic on a desk stand knows that a boom arm is the way to go. Adjusting the mic to the perfect position while streaming is priceless. The HyperX Caster will help streamers achieve their desired mic position without a single tool.

hyperx caster

Caster is designed to complement nearly any streaming setup. It features an adjustable internal tension mechanism that securely holds devices in place with a hand-operated dial and joint friction that the company says makes for simple adjusting and tightening of tension. The mic/camera arm can be affixed to a desk via a C-clamp, ensuring a secure fit.

The HyperX Caster will be available in February 2024 for a price of $119.99.