Xbox Shows Off Tempur's NASA Punk Starfield Gaming Cockpit And It Looks Supremely Comfy

hero xbox starfield tempurpedic cockpit
Starfield and Tempur have teamed up in order to create the ultimate cockpit in the Starfield Tempur Dream Chair. This incredible re-creation of an in-game cockpit can be taken for a test flight at Gamescom 2023.

Many are eagerly anticipating the September 6 release of the long-awaited Starfield video game. Dreams of flying through space and visiting unknown planets dance through the minds of those waiting for the opportunity to play the game for the first time. Those lucky enough to be in Cologne, Germany attending Gamescom 2023 are being treated to a unique and amazing opportunity to take a seat in a cockpit that was designed to mimic those seen in Starfield promotional trailers.

xbox starfield tempurpedic cockpit tweet

Xbox shared a short video of its collaboration with Tempur on its X account. In the tweet, the gaming company quipped, "It's a long journey-you'll want a comfy cockpit."

Marcos Waltenberg, Xbox Global Partnerships Director, remarked in a statement that the sci-fi setup is a "modular cockpit" that "artfully mirrors Starfield gameplay to give players the feeling of truly captaining their own starship." However, those fortunate enough to sit in the Dream Chair are still not able to experience the full game. It is simply an "in-game flight through the universe of Starfield."

gamescom xbox starfield tempur tweet

In a separate tweet, Gamescom shared what the actual Dream Chair looks like. The Tempur-branded chair has two aluminum joysticks on each armrest, with the rest of the cockpit in front, complete with an ultra-wide curved gaming monitor.

Unfortunately, the Dream Chair will not be making its way into mass production. However, one lucky individual might get the chance to take it home later on, when it's auctioned off in a charity raffle. No date has been given as of yet for when the auction will be held, but interested buyers better start saving their money now.