Destiny 2 Beyond Light Walkthrough: How To Obtain An All-Powerful 'The Lament' Exotic Sword

destiny 2 lament

The Destiny 2: Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt World First competition has come and gone and the first completion of the raid has unlocked the quest for The Lament exotic sword. This chainsaw sword is arguably the most powerful weapon currently in the game. Here is how to get your hands on The Lament.

**Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead**

What is the Lament?

The Lament is a solar exotic sword. It features these perks:
  1. Enduring Guard - Sword Guard has maximized efficiency and high endurance, but low resistance.
  2. Tireless Blade - Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill.
  3. Jagged Edge - Increased damage at the cost of sword ammo.
  4. Revved Consumption - Damaging a combatant heals the wielder.
Its intrinsic perk is Banshee’s Wail. Guardians should hold their Heavy Attack to rev up the blade. Banshee’s Wail does the following:
  1. Increases damage, shield bypass, and adds shield piercing to all attacks.
  2. Gain stacks when dealing damage with revved attacks.
  3. Additional stacks increase the damage and damage resistance of heavy attacks.
This combination of perks makes The Lament a force to be reckoned with. It should be the perfect weapon for bosses, especially in the new raid. We tested the sword out in a Wrathborn Hunt and it easily took down the final boss. It should be noted that this weapon can only be acquired if you own Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

destiny 2 lament quest available

Pick up the Quest and Scan Three Dead Exos

Guardians will first receive a notification when they log-in to Destiny 2 to speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower. Banshee will comment that he has experienced disturbing images. These visions include images of dead Exos in Europa. Banshee will then task the player with finding and scanning three Exos.

The Exos have been on Europa since the launch of the Beyond Light expansion. Guardians have likely already found a few of them, but the Exos have not been scannable until now. There are a few Exos that are easier to find than others. Here are our recommendations.
  1. Asterion Abyss- There is an Exo on the edge of a cliff near the entrance of Nexus. The Exo will be toward the right-side of the structure where the snow meets the lake.
  2. Cadmus Ridge- There is an Exo on a ridge in Cadmus Ridge. You will need to enter Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing. There should be an Exo on a snowy plateau on the left-side of Cadmus Ridge.
  3. Bray Exoscience- The next step of the quest will take you into Bray Exoscience. Guardians will need to head to the opening room where they will encounter several adds. There is a smaller office room on the right-side. The Exo is in the back corner of this smaller room on the right side of the room.
destiny 2 lament exo talk

Locate the Giant Exo Head and Take Down Vex with a Sword

Guardians will then need to locate the Giant Exo within Bray Exoscience. A door will now be open in the same room where the player found their last Exo. This door will lead the player to an Exo facility where they can see the assembly line used to create Exos. Guardians will encounter several adds before they finally find the Giant Exo head. Guardians should ”Activate AI” to learn the identity of the Giant Exo head. They will then need to activate the AI again to get the next part of the quest.

The Giant Exo Head will ask the Guardian to kill one hundred Vex with a sword and twenty Minotaurs, Cyclops, or Hydras with a sword. We have several tips for this next step.
  1. Do not use a void sword against the Minotaurs with void shields. These kills will not count. We sheathed our beloved Falling Guillotine in favor of Temptation's Hook.
  2. Not all “yellow bar” enemies seem to count. Look instead for “red bar” adds or enemies with low health.
  3. Avoid using your heavy attack. We noticed that not all heavy attacks registered as a kill in this scenario.
  4. Many have suggested Guardians farm the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge for this part of the quest. This can be an effective way to get kills, but we did not find it to be that much faster than roaming around Asterion Abyss.
destiny 2 lament old secrets

Complete Additional Missions and Head into the Exo Challenge

Guardians must then finish the Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall, and the Dark Priestess missions. They can be obtained from Variks and Zavala after completing Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s campaign. If the Guardian has finished these missions, they can jump into the next step.

The Guardian will be asked to complete the mission “Old Secrets, New Challenges,” also referred to as the “Exo Challenge.” The mission should be picked up from Variks and the location of this mission will be in the Bray Exoscience. The Guardian can simply click on the mission directly from the map if they were a bit overeager after the raid and have already done the mission once. If not, they will need to travel to Bray Exoscience to launch the mission.

The mission will send the Guardian into a simulated world. The Guardian must quickly travel to each lighted brazier to avoid the “Biting Cold.” This is a similar mechanic to one that was just introduced in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The Guardian will die if they get a stack of ten “Biting Cold.” You can also kill Vex to obtain motes of heat if you are not close to a brazier. The Guardian will traverse the map and avoid dying from the Biting Cold before they encounter the final boss. Guardians will complete the mission once they have killed the Vex Hydra Boss and looted the chest.

destiny 2 lament vex

Defeat Vex with Finishers and Find the Blade Piece

Guardians will then need to defeat Vex with Finishers. We equipped an auto rifle (Gnawing Hunger) and spent about twenty minutes taking down Vex. Once again, you could farm Vex in the Perdition Lost Sector. However, we also did not find it to be much faster than killing Vex while exploring the map.

Guardians will then need to find a Blade Piece in the Glassway strike. You can launch into this strike from the director-- it does not need to be a playlist or a Nightfall strike. Guardians should complete the strike as usual and a Vex will drop the Blade Piece during the fight with the final boss. Interestingly, Guardians have obtained the piece before killing the boss. However, unless you are in a fireteam that consists entirely of your clanmates, do not abandon your fireteam once you get the piece. This would simply not be fair to others attempting to complete the strike.

Talk to Banshee and Locate the Abandoned Bunker

You should return to Banshee after you complete the strike. Banshee will begin to “reforge” the blade and ask you to find an abandoned bunker on Europa. This bunker is simply the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins. Complete this lost sector as usual and loot the chest. There is nothing additional you will need to do while fighting through the lost sector.

destiny 2 lament exo head

Rescue the Giant Exo Head

The Giant Exo Head will contact the Guardian once they have completed the lost sector. They will inform the Guardian that they are being attacked by Vex and will ask for their help. The mission for the next step of the quest is just outside the lost sector.

The Guardian will need to fight their way back to the Bray Exoscience. The Giant Exo Head will even give the Guardian the use of a fun tank. The Guardian will eventually make their way back to the Giant Exo Head to forge the sword. Once the sword has been forged, the Guardian can go to town on the remaining adds.

The Guardian will formally receive The Lament once they have killed all of the Vex. They will then be asked to return to Banshee who will thank the Guardian and reveal a bit about his past. He will then tell the Guardian to keep the sword.

What do you think Hothardware readers? Have you acquired The Lament? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Bungie