Home Theater Article, PC AirCon PAC400 Cooler, Thermaltake TR2-M13 and More!

Hey! I think my internet is working now. You know what that means? More news for you! Anyway, for your nightly news fix, we've a got Home Theater article from eCoustics, Logisys UV Reactive Molex Sleeve Kit from LAN Addict, and as usual... a little more. After this i'm going straight to bed, so goodnight!

Home Theater Article @ eCoustics.com

"Instructions on getting good bass from a subwoofer in any given room usually begin by suggesting corner placement of the subwoofer. And it's true: placing the subwoofer in a corner will equally energize all the room's resonances and maximize the subwoofer's output. However, one of the more bizarre aspects of how subwoofers couple with the specific dimensions of a room -- is that to hear all the bass energy from the subwoofer in the corner of your room, you would have to sit in the corner diagonally opposite the subwoofer!"

Logisys UV Reactive Molex Sleeve Kit @ LAN Addict

"First off, five feet is about half of what should be included if you want to get all of he PSU wiring sleeved. A tiny bit of research, such as using a tape measure on some power supply wiring, would have led someone to this conclusion long before the product was finalized for release. Also, the half-inch sleeving would be great for the ATX connector, but it is a bit large for the other leads. Maybe Logisys could include about five feet of some three-eighths-inch sleeving for the other leads in the next version. Also, some heatshrink tubing for connecting the sleeving to the power supply wiring and keeping the sleeving from unraveling would be a great touch!"

Packet8 Internet Phone @ A True Review

"Gasoline, electricity, phone, and other utilities burn our hard earned dollars. Spending 40 dollars a month on a phone bill is 40 dollars that cannot go to buying those toys we want. How do we lower these bills? We can lessen our usage or we can use technology to allow us to get the same benefits for less cost. Packet8 does the latter by using the Internet to provide local and long distance phone calls for less than 20 dollars a month."

PC AirCon PAC400 Cooler @ PC Perspective

"Using a thermoelectric cooler offers several advantages (compact size, solid-state, no moving parts, etc.) but also suffers from several disadvantages as well (low efficiency, high power requirements, etc). Bottom line, the PAC 400 just doesn't have enough thermal capacity to produce the degree of cooling most PC enthusiasts will be looking for from a product like this."

SuperTalent PC3500 Low Latency Memory 2x512MB @ The Crucible

"SuperTalent's PC3500 Low Latency memory warrants some serious recognition. Not only did we manage to max out both of the test rigs we used, but SuperTalent's PC3500 memory out performed the more expensive memory even though it used looser timings. SuperTalent's PC3500 Low Latency memory exhibits great value, excellent performance and high quality"

Thermaltake TR2-M13 @ Phoronix

"Is your current heatsink keeping your LGA775 Pentium 4 just a little too toasty to get a decent overclock? Thermaltake may have the perfect solution for you, and they call it the TR2-M13."